Data Confidentiality Policy

This document presents the policy for processing data from the SFERAX SA computer infrastructure and its web site,

Purposes of data processing

SFERAX SA uses the data collected for the following purposes:

  • Managing business relationships, in particular the establishment of proposals, carrying out contracts, recovering invoices, sending newsletters, etc.
  • Management of the technical infrastructure of the web site and safety (detecting incidents and eliminating interruptions).
  • Anonymous statistics about user behaviour on the web site.
  • Anonymous personalization of content.

Use of cookies

The SFERAX SA web site uses cookies. Each cookie contains a unique identifier per user that serves as navigation within the web site through the Google Analytics and Google Ads tools. During a visit to the SFERAX SA web site, the computer servers temporarily save the access data, as well as the data required for the interfaces to function and for processing user requests. The data collected are processed in an anonymous manner. Data from the computer connection (IP address), from the user, the pages visited on the web site, the linguistic version selected, the date and time of the visit, the recognition of the type of device used, the operating system used, the browser used, as well as the web site from which the point of entry to the SFERAX web site was made, are included in this data. Cookies have a default lifespan of 6 months and are removable at any time from the user's browser. The user can also choose to navigate to the site by deactivating the cookies function in his or her browser or by consulting the site through a private browser. However, some functions on the SFERAX SA web site may be limited in whole or in part if the user refuses cookies. In order to ensure comfortable use of the web site, it is recommended to configure the browser so that it accepts cookies.


SFERAX SA uses a newsletter system to remain in touch with its customers. This serves as an address book of individuals who have agreed to receive information regularly from the business. In order to send its newsletters, SFERAX SA collects and stores the following personal data: the contact's email address, as well as their first and last name. The latter two components are used in order to better personalise communications with subscribers and thereby maintain a closer relationship with them. Personal data are stored through the email platform of the Mailchimp business, having adhered to the Data Privacy Shield and guaranteeing the security of the personal data stored.

Contact form

In order to give users the ability to directly contact the SFERAX SA teams, its web site has a contact form. In this form, the following personal data are required: email address, and the user's first and last name. These data are stored on the web site storage server in the email box of the SFERAX SA employee. They enable the teams to process requests and answer people.

Data hosting

SFERAX SA's server space supplier is Infomaniak SA who guarantees the security of stored data. Data stored in this way are then automatically deleted after 30 days.

Liability exemption

Potential interruptions in the functions of computer systems and the SFERAX SA web site are possible. Likewise, despite consensual efforts to ensure computer security on these platforms, it is not possible to guarantee the absence of malware. Emails, forms and other communications sent electronically are vulnerable. Data may be intercepted, read and altered by malicious third parties. SFERAX SA's liability is excluded.
SFERAX SA will not perform any verification of web sites connected to its computer platforms. It assumes no responsibility whatsoever for their content or the services they offer.
The information that SFERAX SA publishes may be modified at any time and without prior notification. In addition, while SFERAX SA pays the closest attention to the accuracy of information that it publishes, it is unable to provide guarantees about said accuracy. Its responsibility is excluded.

User rights

Each user is the owner of his/her data and has the right to access, correction, deletion and transmission at any time.
For any request concerning their rights to access, modification or deletion of data, the user may contact SFERAX SA at the following address:

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Within the mandatory legal limits, all legal relations between the users of the SFERAX SA web site and computer platforms on the one hand, and the SFERAX SA business on the other, are exclusively subjected to Swiss substantive law except for conflict rules. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is located at 2016 Cortaillod, Switzerland.